Pomegranate Paradise

Pomegranate Paradise

I stopped by Jamba Juice today. I went in and was surprised to see that there weren’t any customers in the store. The woman who was working was quick to take my order, and even helped me make my choice. I paid and she responded with, “Thanks, have a nice day.” It sounded odd to me because she said it like that was the end of our transaction, but I did not yet have my smoothie.

So I watched as she mixed, blended and poured my drink. She put in the straw, wrapped the cup in a napkin, picked up the cup and in her announcer voice, as if she is addressing a crowd said, “Pomegranate Paradise with vitamin boost”. She proceeded to look around the store to see who would claim the smoothie. Wondering who she was looking for, I took a minute to look around in case I missed someone hiding in the corner.

I was still the only one in the store. Did she really forget that she took my order just 3 minutes prior? Is there some Jamba Juice rule that she has to yell out the name of the smoothie even if the store is otherwise empty? It was entertaining.

2 thoughts on “Pomegranate Paradise

  1. Sounds like that scene in Meet the Parents when Ben Stiller is at the airport trying to board a plane at 3am. HILARIOUS!

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