Snow Day

Snow Day

This morning we decided to head to Mt. Baldy to enjoy playing in the snow. It was a great idea, but nearly everyone in LA had the same idea. We were in the car longer than we played in the snow, but we had fun making memories. Some friends from church joined us and we had a fun time.

Since we don’t play in the snow very often we do not have proper snow attire or snow gear. That is why LittleZabba is playing in rain boots & a rain jacket, BigZabba is playing in “cowgirl” boots, I am running around in tennis shoes, and we decided to sled on a boogie board.

Regardless of our sub-par attire & gear we still had fun. We played in the snow until our hands hurt & threw just enough snowballs. We were too cold to make a true snowman, so BigZabba decided that we could make a snow puppy instead. Can you see the puppy in our sculpture? While trying to make the snow puppy our little friends, C & Z, decided they wanted to take big bites out of the snow puppy. BigZabba was very unhappy. Can you tell?

All told, we had a great time. It started to hail as we left and BigZabba described it as “just like rain, only hoppier.” Not long later it started to snow and BigZabba stuck her head out the window to catch the flakes on her tongue. With that we headed home.

3 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. How fun!

    Ohmyword, I clicked on the photo of BZ and the snowdog to enlarge it, and that is QUITE the face she is making! I will be careful not to make her mad when I see her next! =)

  2. Hey, Jill… Okay… we were totally thinking of making the Mt. Baldy trip this weekend! Seriously, how long did it take you to get there??? Thanks! Jen (Liberty’s sister-in-law-law)

  3. we left at 9:30am and were parked & playing at 12:15pm. we played until 1:30pm or so and then left because it started to snow. they closed the road at 2:00pm. i would say avoid it. at least for us to was way too crowded!

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