Cable Guy

Cable Guy

For many months DaddyZabba has been trying to vs. cable. He finally decided to make the switch to cable. Installation day came. I had to be home from 1-4pm and of course, at 3:45pm he came. He wanted to see the two rooms that needed set up. Our front room has a regular TV which the girls watch their shows on, and in the back room DZ has it set up like a theater; projector, surround sound. The cable guy was very confused by the screen on the wall. He kept trying to figure out how he was going to get the cables hooked into the screen and the cable box. He kept saying he didn’t have cables long enough. He didn’t really realize that the screen is just a screen, it isn’t the TV. Anyway, he called his manager and then told me that he would have to send a technician out (what is he then?) since he is new to the cable business. OK.

One week later cable guy number 2, the technician, comes and in 45 minute has it all set up. Unfortunately, DaddyZabba was not thrilled with cable. The box was difficult to use and there were ads everywhere, plus the DVR portion was broken, so we could record shows but they wouldn’t play. With that we said goodbye to cable.

One week later cable guy #3 came to pick up said cable boxes. He then proceeded to ask me many questions about our dish service, how do we like it, how many channels do we get..etc. He then tells me that he has only been in the cable business one year and doesn’t know much about it. He doesn’t have cable at his place, well unless you count the cable he is stealing from his building. When he buys a place he thinks he is going to get dish service, since he hears it is better than cable.

Maybe the cable company should consider having a training session.

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