MaMe Spa

MaMe Spa

This weekend I found a spa in Redondo Beach, called MaMe Spa. It is wonderful! The best thing is that they offer childcare services (for kids ages 3mo. and up) while the Moms get pampered. Isn’t that a fantastic idea!! The child care room is very fun, and there are screens throughout the spa so you can see what your children are doing without having to go in. They even have a schedule of things they do with the kids, reading from 10-11am…etc. The prices are pretty reasonable, for a spa. For example, a one hour pedicure is $40, 1 hour manicure is $35. The location is great, the workers are super friendly and I am pretty sure that I am going back! Maybe I’ll run into you there.

3 thoughts on “MaMe Spa

  1. I wasn’t impressed. It is overpriced and the receptionist did not know what she was talking about when I visited.

  2. really? that is too bad to hear. what services did you have done? is there anything else you didn’t like about it? and who are you?

  3. It’s a brand new spa that’s only been open a few weeks. Give the poor receptionist a break. At least there is finally a place where you can go that will watch the kids while you get pampered. The prices are fabulous. It’s a Day Spa, not an Asian Nail Spa!

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