The Shark

The Shark

Do you dislike mopping? I do. Well that isn’t totally true. I like mopping, until I notice how dirty the water is, then I want to quit. If I really wanted to be a super house cleaner I would change the water in the bucket as soon as the water got murky.

Enter The Shark. Thanks to my Mother I have found the answer to my mopping woes. All the joy of mopping without using a bucket of murky water. With two little ones in the house I had to clean the floors while they were in bed since it is impossible to keep them from running on the wet floor. Now I can clean the floors anytime. The water/steam is so hot that it dries in just a few minutes. It really does get the floor clean. I can use it on our hard wood floors too.

If you want one the cheapest place to get it is Linens & Things, using their 20% off coupon. (if you don’t have one just print this one. just click on it to make it larger for printing.)

I have used the steam mop so many times in the last two days I have a blister. I think I am slightly obsessed.

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  1. Hi Jill! I just started reading your blog and have really been enjoying it! Thank you for posting this “mop tip”!! I am really interested to try it out since with 3 little boys, our floor gets filthy!!

    Happy Mopping!!=0)

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