"We’ve Got Tonight"

"We’ve Got Tonight"

For some reason I have had high school on the brain. I was looking through my old photo albums and found all my prom photos. My first formal dance went terribly, but all the rest were actually fun. It’s been a while so I don’t remember much, but I do remember after one of the dances a group of us went to the movie theater. The theater was closed but one of the guys with us was the manager of the theater so he let us in. We got popcorn and watched a movie. The reel broke, so we had to move to another theater. I wonder how he explained the broken reel?

Anyway, prom is a funny ritual. Pay a lot of money for tickets (for what really, they don’t even serve dinner?!), get dressed up, wear your “dyed to match” shoes, wear a flower, mom & dad take photos, get all nervous, try to act grown up. Prom is kinda silly, but if I could live it again I think I would….with DaddyZabba as my date of course.

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  1. I remember that picture and I definitely remember that dress! I wore it to my first prom that went horrible!!!!

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