Easter Sunday began with our egg hunt. We had to have our hunt in the house since our sprinklers were running at the time. Soggy Easter presents wouldn’t be so fun. The girls were so excited about opening their eggs. They were filled with skittles, jelly beans & animal crackers. Not long later we headed for ShaSha’s house for an amazing lunch (twice baked potatoes, stuffed mushrooms, steak..yum) and another egg hunt. ShaSha always has the best hunts. She divides the yard in different zones, one for each kid, as to keep things fair I am sure. We left ShaSha’s house with full tummy’s and full baskets and headed off to church.

We had a full day, but it was wonderful. We are so blessed.

2 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Hey friend,

    Your girls are so grown up and beautiful. I saw your family Easter pictures. Wow! Time has passed. Thanks for blogging! 🙂

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