Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Today is Pappy’s Birthday, he would have been 93. I miss him. BigZabba talks about him all the time. She wonders what he is doing…is he playing with Queenie (his favorite dog), is he is having fun with Jesus? Whenever she hears a harmonica she says that it sounds like Pappy. I am so glad that she has not forgotten him. He was a wonderful Pappy. I loved sitting on the porch with him, playing “bumper bellies”, listening to his stories, I loved watching him eat (he was a man who enjoyed his food, it was always “powerful”!), I loved his laugh, his smile, his love for Jesus. I don’t know if there is food in heaven, but if there is, I hope that Pappy had one powerful piece of birthday cake today!

I love you Pappy!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. I didn’t cry yesterday but I did today when I read your post and saw the picture. What a dad!! He gave all of us a zest for life and showed his love to us in his embraces and prayers. I miss his prayers. Thank you for honoring dad on your blog. I wish mom could see it.

  2. how cool to have somebody you loved so much it hurts to have them gone. alan’s dad was like that. he’s been gone for four years now. he was the a lover of life and all things beautiful. he was crazy about our girls and loved them so well! i remember meeting “pappy” once and he was quite a character! his memory will live on in your hearts forever!

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