Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

Today I was watching a TV show where a guy was a ghost and one girl could see him.  They were at her house and he was trying to turn on the TV but he couldn’t because his finger kept going through the TV set.  That all makes sense to me, he is a ghost so he shouldn’t be able to do that stuff.  But then, he sat on the couch.  Shouldn’t it follow that if he cannot touch the TV, he should fall through the couch?  For that matter, he shouldn’t even be able to walk across the floor.  He could put his head through walls and doors, but when they went to the car to drive somewhere, she opened the car door for him (because he couldn’t open it himself since he is a ghost and all).  Why didn’t he just walk through the car door?  Hmmm.

Why do movie theaters and casinos have such crazy carpet?

Why is it acceptable to leave your trash all over the place inside the movie theater?

That is all for now.  Goodnight.

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