DaddyZabba took today off and we went to the LA Zoo for the afternoon. BigZabba loves the zoo, actually she loves anything related to animals. She showed off her animal knowledge today at the bird show. At the beginning of the show some large birds walked out, and BigZabba exclaimed, “Look Mom, those are Crown Cranes.”

After the bird show we went to the kid park to eat our lunch. Who did we see there? Susan and her family! It was such a wonderful surprise to see them. We ate lunch together and then spent the rest of our time together looking at the elephants, gibbons, kangaroos, and even spiders. It was so fun to get an extra visit in with them before they go home.

Thanks for sharing your afternoon with us!

2 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. No, thank YOU for sharing your afternoon with US! That was such an unexpected treat!

    I really like your new blog. But I think that you should write a post to clarify your “labeling your underwear drawer” comment. Because it wasn’t just the drawer, it was all the underwear styles INSIDE the drawer – that is one of the best things I’ve ever heard. I’ve never forgotten it.

  2. BigZabba seems to totally be in ‘her element’ with animals. Perhaps she’ll be a zoo keeper or a vet. Can’t wait to see all the zabba’s next week.

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