One Day Late

One Day Late

Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday Daddy! This post is one day late, but better late than never.

You know that dad that you always wished was yours….well he was mine. My dad would let me sit in the middle seat in his truck and change the gears with the stick shift. I really felt like hot stuff. When I had bad dreams at night my dad was the only one who could get me out of my dream and back to reality. In 6th grade I got suspended for one day for hitting a fellow student. Now my 12 year old memory of that event was that it was a complete accident, but my adult brain cannot fathom how it could have been an accident. Regardless, I was really scared of what my dad was going to say when he found out that I got suspended from school. This is when he won the coolest Dad ever award. He said, “Did she see you cry?” I responded..”Um, no.” Dad then replied, “Good. Never let them see you cry. I bet she will never bother you again.” He was actually proud of me! How awesome is that!

Not only is he the best Dad, but he rocks as a Grandpa. All the Grandkids, all 5 of them, have him wrapped around their little fingers. When the Zabba’s want to paint his toenails, he happily gets the polish for them. When Sister’s son wants to run to see the “choo-choo”, Papa picks him up and runs as fast as he can to catch a glimpse of the train. He can change a diaper, make a mean pot of mac & cheese, and so much more.

Daddy, I love you. Thanks for being the best Dad ever. Happy Birthday!

4 thoughts on “One Day Late

  1. You are so right. Your Daddy is the greatest, but he was the greatest big brother first. He took be out in his car for drives when he was in high school and I was only 5. He held me on his water skis and skied w/ me on the Delaware River and all the other boaters would stare and wave to us. He taught me to drive when I was 12 and never told me I was a bother of a little sister; which I’m fairly sure I was. I love him too. I’m glad you know how lucky you are cause I will always know how blessed I am to have him for my one and only brother.

  2. What a great daughter to remember her “daddy” in such a special way……..He is special!! Just like you!!

  3. You’re just too generous with your comments, and truth be told, you all made it easy for me. I remember your “fight”; I think I also told you to always go for the nose, a bloody nose almost always stops a fight! I remember you crawling under the truck with me handing me tools when I was doing repairs, and the times we drove to Atlanta together and you reaching through the sliding window to the cooler. Ah the memories! Only having sisters and daughters gave me a unique perspective on girls – never leave the seat up! You’ve all made my years very special. Do you remember the time your sister asked me to go shopping for her? Thanks for being a great daughter!

  4. I remember that. Only a Dad like you would go to the store and buy the lady necessities!!! I think i remember the grocery store clerk having to do a price check on the “item” as well!

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