With the summer in full swing I have been thinking a lot about what my days should look like. This is the first summer that I have sensed the clock ticking. I have 2 months with BigZabba before she goes back to school. I want to make the most of these days that I have her all to myself.

What is the balance between entertaining my kids 24/7 and dragging them along with me as I do all the things I want/need to do? The last week I feel like the phrase “Sorry I cannot do that right now, I have to _________.” has come out of my mouth so much. I do not want the summer to slip away for me to then realize that my kids, specifically BZ, have spent their time either waiting for me to finish whatever I was doing, or running random errands with me.

I am a big planner. In a perfect world I would have things scheduled. For example Monday – cleaning/laundry/movie day, Tuesday – park/library day. I have tried doing this several times, but somehow my life gets in the way. Is it a matter of just being disciplined to do what I have scheduled, regardless of what comes up? How can I be scheduled, balanced & flexible?

Any thoughts? I would love some insight.

4 thoughts on “Balance

  1. First of all – I think you do a great job of mothering. The only idea I have is maybe plan a few fun activities to do each week – but maybe not specifically on a certain day. So many fun things, so many ‘must do’ things and as the week progresses you can see what’s taking priority. That might leave room for “I didn’t know I was going to have to do this” this week.

  2. What we’ve ended up doing is that we do one fun kid thing each morning for several hours (a park, the library, the town pool, or a playdate.) Then if there is extra time, I’ll run by the store (or wherever) on the way home. Or I’ll do the errand after naps in the afternoon before dinner.

    The fact that I often don’t have a car keeps my errand-running to a minimum… there are only so many errands that are within walking distance! =)

    Sometimes I wonder what errands I used to do in the states cuz I don’t have many now. It mystifies me because I definitely remember running around to different places when I lived in CA. So I’m curious about what errands people do??? What is everyone doing that I’m NOT??!! =)

  3. SIGH – This is the very question I have… I have set a schedule, but then again – it’s summer – how do I try and keep this schedule along with the flexibility of summer (and a new baby)? This said schedule hasn’t yet been enforced, but I intend to implement it after theater camp next week. I’m sure my blog will either reflect my frustration or its success within a couple of weeks. πŸ˜‰

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