We have been fortunate to not have food allergies in our family..until now. LittleZabba seems to have an allergy of some sort. While eating popcorn a few weeks ago her mouth started to swell some. She complained that her mouth hurt, she was very aggitated. One hour after some benadryl she was back to normal. Last week when we were camping she had a small reaction to potato chips. This second reaction was enough to send us to the allergist. There are several things we are looking in to, but the allergist is certain that we have an allergy to contend with. For now we are avoiding corn, artificial & natural colors and flavors. That pretty much rules out …..everything. I will be spending a lot of time reading labels now!

3 thoughts on “Allergies

  1. Oh, I’m SOO sorry! Food allergies are the pits! I hope that it is just to corn if anything! That would be easier than all the artificial & natural colors and flavors I would think. Yikes!

  2. Even corn would be a huge pain…no corn flour, corn oil, corn meal, corn flakes, corn starch, corn syrup..i never realized how many things have corn products in them, tortillas, cereal, bread, chips, animal crackers..etc. arg.

  3. What a nightmare!! Let’s pray that it’s a very very short lived allergy – maybe she’ll get over it by the end of summer? It does sound like a royal pain to have to filter out all those products – at least you’re an ‘organic’ mom and maybe that will help?

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