20 Years

20 Years

What were you doing 20 years ago? I was getting ready to start 7th grade. I was the “nerd” of my class. I spoke with a funny accent (I just moved to CA from VA), I didn’t wear the “hip” clothes, and I was simply the new girl in town. At the same time my Mom started a new job on August 15, 1988 and on August 15, 2008 my Mom retired after 20 years of service to my college alma mater. Over the last 20 years she saw lots of change, helped create change, growth & development throughout her department. She was a leader in her industry, a person who others came to for advice & a model for others to look up to.

What is next for her? She has vacations to go on, house projects to work on, grandchildren to play with, and I am trying to get her to open her own restaurant. She is not retiring, this is just the beginning of a new season of her life. Hey, that is what the restaurant should be called, A New Season.

Congrats ShaSha on 20 great years! Here’s to hoagies, whoopie pies, cream puffs & all the other delicious creations soon to be available at the restaurant!

One thought on “20 Years

  1. Oh mama Z…..what a sweet tribute to your mama. Who knows what the next door will look like. Hoagies, whoopie pies and cream puffs don’t seem like they go together but then it’s the strange things that seem to draw people for an experience. Hmmmmm…”The New Season” ……so creative. Let’s get the domain on that name!! I love you. Now it’s on to Palm Springs!!

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