Pretty Crazy

Pretty Crazy

Things are getting crazy around the AllyZabba offices. We just got in our new order of blankets and we have run out of room for all of them! Which is a good problem to have. We are gearing up for two features in October. The first is in Pregnancy Magazine, which comes out September 23. The second feature is in Tot Trends Weekly, a weekly online magazine, which will post on October 12.

Reader participation time….of the styles on AllyZabba, which would you like to see turned into a MegaZabba? Would you like a Candy/Camo Mega? Candy/Pastel-dot? Kiwi/Choco-dot? Comment and let me know what your first choice would be for a new MegaZabba style. Just to make it fun I will choose a winner at random to receive..well something cool. I know the editor of NeatoStuff, so I think I can find a cool thing to give away.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

6 thoughts on “Pretty Crazy

  1. They’re all terrific – but I vote for Kiwi/Choco-dot. Somehow being related to NeatoStuff and AllyZabba – I’m not sure I’m eligible for the cool give away though.

  2. i think i’ll echo gma zabba thoughts. A little more versatile if you’re buying for a girl or a boy. Don’t know why I wasn’t into the kiwi until now. But I do have to say, that we own the very first candy/camo megazabba. Thank you Auntie. You made your niece a very happy girl.

  3. My vote is for kiwi too… i love those colors!!! I am so impressed with your success!!! Way to go!!!!

  4. Can the choice be the new Allyzabba2? The squares one? It’s fabulous. I love all the others too though.

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