First Grade

First Grade

This has been a great first week of school for BigZabba.  She really likes her teacher, her class is fun, and she is thrilled that she has her own box of supplies….she no longer has to share one pencil box for the whole table.  She has commented that the school day is too long…it is 1.5 hours longer than kindergarten.  I am sure she will get used to it.  Overall she has had a great week.  After school on Wednesday we met our buddy Erin (who sadly is moving away…sniff..sniff…) for ice cream.  It was a fantastic way to end a special day.  Thanks Erin for the treat!

3 thoughts on “First Grade

  1. I CANNOT BELIEVE BZ is in 1st grade. Time just flies by. What a GREAT blessing that it’s been a great week so far!

    I also can’t believe how big LZ is – she looks a lot older in this picture than in past posts. And she looks soooooo much like BZ!

  2. Great pictures of the girls and it totally cracks me up that BZ loves having her own ‘supply box’ – it reminds me of two people – her mom and gma zabba. You go girl! Love ya tons.

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