Cuddle Time

Cuddle Time

I love how sweet my girls are to each other.  Yes, they do have their moments of fighting and arguing, but for the most part they are super sweet sisters.  In the past when LittleZabba would get hurt she would run to me for comfort.  Lately though she only wants BigZabba’s comfort.  Through her tears she will ask if she can have cuddle time with her sister.  BigZabba is happy to help.  She runs to the fridge to get the cool pack, (which is required for cuddle time even if it isn’t really necessary), then walks with her arm around LittleZabba to the couch, they get cozy in the blanket and cuddle.  BigZabba has quite the maternal instinct.  She strokes LittleZabba’s hair, whispering “You’re ok.  You’ll be fine.”  After a few minutes of cuddle time, LittleZabba is all better and ready to move on to the next activity.  Now if only I could get BigZabba to take over the potty duties as well….

4 thoughts on “Cuddle Time

  1. They are so SWEET. Little Larry is getting to be the same way about Malcolm, telling me that he’s taking care of him and how much he loves him. Loving it!

  2. I LOVE this post and picture. Don’t you just adore having little girls/sisters???? BZ is great in her role as Big Sis!

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