Lots of random randomness to follow…..

Want to make an amazing cheesecake?  This thing will clog any artery in mere seconds.  If you are interested in the recipe let me know and I will get you the coronary inducing details right away.

LittleZabba doesn’t understand why the geese will not let her pet them.

They keep running away Mama!

I think everyone should become an organ donor.  I registered this week with Donate Life.  Don’t you think that it would be so great to have one last gift to give others in the event of your death.  I think that it would be an amazing thing to give life to another person.  In the midst of sorrow I would hope that my family would be comforted with knowing that another life/lives were saved because of their super cool, totally awesome Mom/Wife..etc.  Anyway, go register.

I think this little dress/legging set is the cutest thing ever.  Anyone agree?  I think my girls need it.

LittleZabba has spent some time this week with ShaSha.  It has been a lot of fun to have one on one time with BigZabba.  She is such a great kid.  I spent time in her classroom today and it was fun to see her interact with the other students and her teacher.  It was really fun to see her proud that I was there.  I liked knowing that she was doing her best because she wanted me to see her at her best.  She is a joy.  I love her so much.

With that I will say goodnight.