The Overnight

The Overnight

This week it was LittleZabba’s turn to have an overnight with ShaSha and Papa.  We weren’t sure that she understood that she was going to go by herself…Mommy, Daddy and BigZabba were not going to be there too.  When “the handoff” came, she couldn’t have been more excited and ready to go.  She jumped up, said to ShaSha,

Let’s get my bag and go!

She clearly was not going to get emotional about this goodbye.  She had such a blast.  ShaSha did so many special things with her.  They colored, made crowns out of pasta, played in the sprinklers, visited the cousins, went to a pumpkin patch, a pony ride…the list just goes on and on.  It was a great time for LittleZabba.

Thank you ShaSha for giving her some extra special attention this week! As LittleZabba likes to say,

You are the best!