Why Zabba?

Why Zabba?

I saw a comment asking “do they ever use their last name?  what is a zabba anyway?”  So here is the answer.

Part one – My friend Lola nicknamed BigZabba, “AbbaZabba”.  It was cute and so it stuck.

Part two – When I started the blog I didn’t really want the whole world to know specific things about my family; last name, my kids names, where I lived, school name..etc.  So I decided to make the blog as anonymous and I could.  So, everyone got a nickname.  I became AllyZabba, that should be obvious why, the girls became Big and Little Zabba, because one is big and one is little, and the hubby, I couldn’t really think of a good Zabba for him, so he just became DaddyZabba.

So, that is it.  I don’t want the random person that happens upon my site to know everything about me.  Call me crazy, paranoid, whatever.  So, thanks to all of you cater to my desire to remain anonymous while in Cyberworld.

One thought on “Why Zabba?

  1. I just love the whole “Zabba” thing. It’s such a creative and unique way of putting yourself out there in the Cyberworld. Every time come to the blog I’m blown away by how you update it everyday. It’s a lot of fun!

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