5 things we are thankful for…

LittleZabba – 

  • books
  • hugging people that’s very nice
  • getting in cars
  • Jesus to help us when we cry
  • that butterflies don’t eat people

BigZabba – 

  • God, because he created our world
  • friendship
  • Jesus
  • our church
  • Bibles

Mama – 

  • my home
  • silly kids
  • husband that works really hard, so I can stay home
  • friends & family
  • our wonderful church

Dada – 

  • my wife that does a good job with everything
  • my job
  • good families
  • two kids
  • “I am also thankful that butterflies don’t eat people”

2 thoughts on “Thankfulness

  1. and have you guys seen the last episode of FRINGE?
    I mean, seriously… letting LZ watch that? ha ha….
    I’ll tell Jay … the butterflies there….

  2. OH the simple things of life that adults forget…..I’m thankful for the reminders that come form the mouths of babes.

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