A New Year

A New Year

We are starting to settle in to a bit of a routine here.  With the new puppy things got all out of sorts.  Now that we have had a few weeks together we are all getting used to being together and learning how to be a family with a dog.  Over the last week I have realized that having Miley here could be very good for me.

Over the last 6 months or so I have allowed my to-do lists to rule my days.  If I had things to do, play time with the kids just had to wait.  If AllyZabba orders came in, cuddle time, the tv show, whatever, just had to wait.  With Miley here things had to change.  I cannot allow myself to sit at the computer, return phone calls, run errands, all day long.  Miley has to be watched or she will pee all over the house.  Miley needs to be played with or she will never trust us and like being here.  While BigZabba is at school, LittleZabba and I have had a lot of fun together.  We have been outside playing with Miley, we have made way too many cookies together, and we have watched our share of Barbie movies.  It has been refreshing to have this time with her.  It is shameful that while I realized I wasn’t taking the time that I should with her, that I didn’t really do anything about it.  Until now.  While Miley was BZ’s gift, she is a gift to me too.  She has given me the freedom to let the to-do list wait until tomorrow, let the orders wait another day (who really expects a next day turn around time anyway), and spend time with my family.

This year I am also looking forward to feeling like me again.  For many years I have felt tired, and for at least the last 8 months to one year I have felt abnormally tired.  I recall mentioning this to the doctor several times, but she always said that everyone is tired…you have 2 kids of course you are tired.  In September I mentioned it again and this time the doctor decided to humor me and run some tests.  In November I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, sometimes called Thyroiditis.  It is basically a thyroid disease that slowly kills the thyroid.  The symptoms are all over the place, but for me the symptoms make sense….fatigue, always cold, dry skin, sudden mood swings, inability to lose weight…all these things I was experiencing.  I have been taking thyroid medication and it is great to feel like me again.

So far the year is off to a good start.  More time with family and feeling good.

Happy New Year!