Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Whenever I go to Starbucks I see the people sitting there with their laptops typing away with their coffee in their hands.  They all seem like they are doing very important things, closing deals, winning accounts, making money…all while drinking their tall soy latte, extra whip.  I often look at them with a little envy.  It seems like it would be fun to be that person for a while.  To have the time to sit, sip and type.  It almost seems relaxing.  Do you think I would pass as a Starbucks wi-fi person, or would everyone know that I wasn’t making money or closing deals, I was really just passing the time on Facebook?

One of my favorite restaurants is, lucky for me, walking distance from my house.  When we go there they seat us at the booths in the back of the restaurant, so we have to pass the bar.  There I see all the ladies sitting there laughing, talking and having a good time.  I sometimes wish I was that person, the girl who had lots of girlfriends who met at the local bar to hang out and have a drink before dinner.  I know that could sound terrible, but they always look like they are having such a fun time.  I really don’t think I could pass as that girl.  First of all I don’t know what to order, and second of all I really don’t hold my alcohol very well, so I would be the obnoxious loud girl that everyone is annoyed with.  Just ask Lola, she has had first had experience.

So, if I am not the important Starbucks deal maker, and I am not the fun bar girl, who am I?  It is silly to think about.  Who would you want to be if you could pick?

13 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. count your blessings that you can actually walk into starbucks…i have to drive all the way across town to the drive-thru just to keep the chaos at a minimum. I’d like to be both of those people 2x a week. Turn off mom completely and turn on business/fun times girl. Not gonna happen though.

  2. It always looks better from the outside than it feels on the inside. Those girls are all rife with insecurities, and you look pretty darn cool from my vantage point.

    I’d be the girl with the really great jeans who could blow dry all the wavy out of her hair, including that one little bump on the right that NEVER seems to behave, who never spills on herself…and if she does she DOES NOT keep wearing the shirt hoping others don’t notice, all the while being totally preoccupied with the stain herself.

  3. i’d like to be the calm one who never gets an oily face, listens more than she speaks and every time she opens her mouth wisdom comes out … one can dream…

    oh – and don’t feel too bad. i’d also like to be the one that exercised regularly and wore a size smaller than I do now…

  4. I’d like to be a mom all over again and have my two little girls in rural PA experiencing a more simpler life for a longer period of time, enjoying each minute with them, take long walks, play in the snow, have tea parties, pick vegetables in the garden,meet their daddy at Penn State to have lunch in the picnic area from his office and help them to know each day how much their mama loves them.

  5. Great thoughts. I do that too. Wonder if I was her…
    like the one that Superman jumps out of nowhere to save her life! (MJ) or the girl who strangers always open the door for when her hands are full or offers their seat…
    Funny. But do I treat others that way?
    BUT I do have to say I love the life God has given ME and hope that I can live out of that thankfulness.

  6. Well, I was thinking more superficially too, if it makes you feel better. =) I’d like to be the gal sitting by the fireplace in the coffee shop reading a book. Then she writes for awhile in her journal. Then she people watches out the window a bit. Sips her hot chocolate. Then reads some more.

    Nowhere to go, nowhere to be, no schedule to keep. Just for an afternoon. Ah, it’s relaxing just to write about. =)

  7. I’d like to be the gal sitting in front of a fire, in a snowy cabin in the mountains, reading a great book, snuggling with an afghan. Oh, and I’d like to weigh 120 lbs and be a size 4. ANd I’d like NOT to have gray hair.


    I’d like to be the jazz singer at a great club with a kick-ass band playing behind me. I’d be in a sexy (but conservative) dress, sitting on a stool, and next to me on a table would be my lemon drop martini. And we’d make really good music for the night, and people would be entertained and pleased.

    nice and contrasting huh?

  8. Oooh, Karen’s is better. I’ll go with that. But I would do the jazz singing first, and then drive to my snowy cabin to hang out with my book and afghan.

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