For the last several months BigZabba has been taking piano lessons.  She has enjoyed learning something new, but piano is not something that she loves (at least not at this point).  Getting her to practice has been a bit of a challenge.  After many conversations we gave her one month to show us that piano was something she wanted to continue with.  All she had to do was be consistant with practicing.  This weekend the decision was made that we were going to take a break from piano.  She does not love it enough to want to take time away from reading, playing with her sister, or playing with the dog to actually practice.


This morning we had the final conversation.  We made it clear that she was not in trouble, we just want to take a break and see what happens in a few months.  The drama that followed was surprising…

Said with all the drama and angst of a teenager, BigZabba exclaimed,

This ruins the plans for my life!!!

Your plans?  You are 6.  You have life plans?  What is your plan?

Now I won’t be able to play music for all my animals when I am grown up!

Just because you are taking a break now doesn’t mean that you can’t start again when you are a little older.

I don’t have time now, I won’t have time then.

With that the conversation was over.  The drama shouldn’t surprise me.  What does surprise me is that she has life plans.  I am the Mom and I don’t have life plans.  I am so behind.