She Rides

She Rides

While BigZabba was at Auntie Amy’s house for the birthday sleepover, BigZabba learned how to ride a bike! In about one hour she went from not knowing anything, to riding up and down the street all by herself. I showed up just in time to see her ride by herself for rht first time. Thanks Auntie Amy and ShaSha for teaching my girl how to ride.

7 thoughts on “She Rides

  1. yes, she rides here too! we went shopping on craigs list today and got a great bike for her for only $35! it is sparkly purple and nearly perfect. she loves it.

  2. I’m coming out of lurkdom. I love your blog and seeing the Zabbas ,but
    the pictures in the last two entries don’t come up. They are just blank squares. Did you change something or do I have to change something?
    The pictures on Amy’s blog still work and so does The Pioneer Woman!

  3. Watching her ride made me smile so wide! She brought back one of my fondest memories, when I first learned to ride my bike! I remember my Daddy holding the back of my seat, and thinking he was still there, I rode with confidence until I realized he was no longer there! Then, I laid it down, lol.

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