The Cross

The Cross

stickerbigWe attended the premier for the movie, The Cross, last night.  It is the story of Arthur Blessitt, a man who after hearing from God took a 12 foot cross around the US and the world.  The movie is the story of his journey, but mostly the story of how God used the cross to change him. It truly is an amazing story.

I was reading my devotions this morning and it could not be more fitting after seeing the movie last night.  Arthur faced so many obstacles on his 40 year journey; spiritual, emotional and physical, yet he never faltered from the mission that he was on.  He knew what God told him to do and he never looked back.  This is what I read this morning: (from The Daily Bread)

Our Lord is present with us no matter what each day brings.  It may be a day of joy or sadness, of sickness or of health, of sucess or of failure.  No matter what happens today our Lord is walking beside us, strengthening us, loving us, filling us with faith, hope, and love.  As He envelops us with quiet serenity and security, our foes, fears, afflictions, and doubts begin to recede.  We can bear up in any setting and circumstance because we know the Lord is at hand, just as He told Paul in Acts 18:10, “I am with you.”

If you have a chance this weekend I think you should go see The Cross.  It is in theaters on friday and you can find a local theater on their website.