Being Green

Being Green


Being eco-friendly is very “in” these days.  Everywhere you look there are re-usable bags, aluminum water bottles, biodegrable soap & paper products.  It is really easy for me to get on board with this.  All the “green” stuff is just so cute.  I have re-usable bags from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, I even got the cool zippered “Feed” bag from Whole Foods.  I have water bottles from Sigg & Kleen Kanteen.  I just can’t help myself.

At what point in my “green” obsession does it stop being “green”?  How many re-usable bags is too many?  How many aluminum water bottles is more than I need?  Tough question.  Just this morning I was browsing the Sigg site.  They have some really cute new designs…maybe I need another one.

I am trying to be green, but this just might be too green for me.

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