Slipping Away

Slipping Away

Dear LittleZabba,

I feel like you are slipping through my fingers.  You are growing and changing so much, so fast, I feel like I am losing it.  I don’t want to forget this time, but I am already forgetting.  These days are so precious, I don’t want to lose them.  You are at such a wonderful age.  Yes, there are moments where you are a terror, but the precious times far outweigh the moments of hair pulling.

I don’t want to forget how you laugh – that crazy force yourself to laugh belly laugh, or how you hold my hand because I am “your buddy”, how you say “peek” for keep or “breskis” for breakfast, “cap cap” for backpack, “lellow” for yellow.  I don’t want to forget how your little thumb feels – all dry and pruny from being sucked so much.  I want to remember how your little arms feel around my neck when we hug, the way you smell after a bath, the twinkle in your eye when we stop for ice cream, the sweet sounds of your breathing while you sleep.

These days are slipping away, so much, so fast I cannot keep up.


2 thoughts on “Slipping Away

  1. I feel your heart, hear your words and see the changes also. But you still have her and there are many more wonderful stages to come. You will not forget the precious moments. Mothers have a way of tucking them into their big hearts! I revisit them many times myself.

  2. The fact that you are aware of all the precious moments is pretty much a guarantee that you know you’ve got something special and won’t forget it in the future. How blessed you can be and want to be a stay at home mom to enjoy the moments firsthand.

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