The Hunt

The Hunt

Remember when you were a kid and you were with your Mom at the grocery store?  I loved picking out cereal.  I always tried to find the cereal box with the coolest toy inside.  It was so exciting to open the box and start the hunt for the toy.  Do you dig in the box?  Dump it all out?  Wait until you find it?  Dig.  That was my method.  There was such a thrill when my fingers felt the edge of the new toy in the midst of the crunchy cereal.

This morning we opened the box of Apple Jacks.  Inside the box was a Star Trek “beam me up” pin.  I was never really a Star Trek fan, but still, my heart did beat a little faster while I opened the box.  I imagined the girls and I digging in the box to find the new toy.

The box was opened and my hopes of digging through the cereal were dashed.  There was not going to be any hunt.  The toy was in it’s own sealed pouch sitting on the top of the cereal bag.

How anti-climactic.

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