Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads in my life.

Thank you to my Dad.  He has been and continues to be a constant source of encouragement and love.  As I wrote in his card, Thank you for not getting mad at me when I got suspended from school.  Thank you for teaching me to drive, helping me break up with a boy, showing me what a husband is supposed to be like.  Thank you for being an excellent Papa.  Thank you for letting the girls paint your toenails & brush your hair.  You are a fantastic Daddy and I love you to bits.


Thank you to my Father-In-Law.  Your example made my husband the man he is today.  Thank you for teaching him how to love and respect his wife and children.  Thank you for showing him how to be the leader of our home.  Thank you for always being there for your son in the midst of job changes, and life changes.  Thank you for giving me a second chance, even after breaking your sons heart.  Thank you for being a wonderful Grandfather.  Thank you for playing games, reading books, exploring outside and teaching new jokes.  I love you.


Thank you to my husband for being our everything.  You are all we could ask for and more.  Thank you for including the girls in the many projects you do.  Thank you for participating in their silly make believe stories.  Thank you for even playing your share of Barbies.  Thank you for taking time to show them how to play games that I think are too hard.  Thank you for being all that you are.  We love you.