Last week when I went to pick up BigZabba from school I was enjoying a cold beverage.  I was standing outside the school waiting for her to come out.  After a few minutes I noticed I was getting more glances than normal.  I don’t really know that many parents at the school, so I started to feel self conscience.  Why were they looking at me?  Then I realized that they probably thought I was drinking some sort of alcholic beverage while waiting to pick up my child from school.


The way I was holding the bottle you couldn’t see the large colorful fruit shape which would have been a clear indication that it was not what they were thinking.  But I can see that from a distance I looked like a lush with my longneck bottle waiting to drive my child home.  I took my sparkling pomegranate beverage back to the car and finished it there.

One thought on “Lush?

  1. I’m glad nobody turned you in. Nowadays when you can’t correct a child in public for fear of being turned in to CPS – who knows what could have happened if someone thought what you thought they were thinking and took action.
    Safe at home!
    By the way – pomegranate juice? Was it good?

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