Spa Etiquette

Spa Etiquette

Today I was able to get a massage at a local day spa.  It was wonderful.  It was so nice to be pampered a little bit.  The masseuse spoke in such a calm quiet voice that at times I had a hard time hearing what she said.  As always the massage was over all to fast.  At what I thought was the end of the massage she placed cool things (I am not sure what they were) over my eyes and I think she said “Just lay here a while” and I heard her walk out the door and close the door behind her.  So I did just that.  I laid there a while.  I am not sure exactly how long, but after a while I thought that it had been an awfully long time.  Was she going to come back?  I know that the massuese leaves the room so you can get your robe when your time is up, but if it was over I thought she would have said something  like, “Thank you for coming…you can get dressed and use the imminties…have a good day.”  So I laid there a little longer.  She still did not come back.  I decided I had waited long enough and I was ready to go.  I walked out of the room and that was that.   I looked at the clock once I got to the changing area and I realized that I had been laying there for 30 minutes!  Knowing that I laid there that long I am assuming that the massage was over.

So, do you think the massage was over or should I have waited until she came back?

3 thoughts on “Spa Etiquette

  1. Hi Jill, Linda (your massage therapist ) is terribly sorry. She usually leaves her clients to rest for extra R&R, she thought she mentioned she’d be leaving you there to relax. Oops. I do hope you liked her massage! 😉

  2. That’s too funny! I would have waited too. Maybe she had to go to the bathroom. Maybe she was out of towels. Maybe she wanted to switch up the lapping waves music with Bonjovi’s Slippery When Wet C.D. that she had left in her car. Either way, I hope you enjoyed your extra R & R!

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