This post is for my sweet niece, Yo Gabba Gabba!  She and her Mama planted a garden and Gabba Gabba was kind enough to give me some of their produce.  She gifted me with the first ripe tomato and one zucchini.  She asked that I take pictures of what we did with our gifts.

First was the tomato.  ShaSha and Papa came over for dinner and we used your tomato in our salad.  It was delicious!



Next was the zucchini. One night we had pasta, so I grated it into our sauce to add a little extra nutrition to it. You can’t taste it at all, which I am happy about since I am not a big zucchini fan. Our pasta sauce was delicious!



Thank you Gabba Gabba for sharing your garden with us.  Homegrown is the best, so if you end up with too much of something, we can help you eat it!