Summer Time

Summer Time

The last 2 weeks have finally felt like summer.  DZ took time off from work and we went on vacation.  It has been a fun filled time and I am sad to see it come to an end.  We spent one week camping at June Lake, near Mammoth, with Grandma and Grandpa, one day in Yosemite and a few days in Big Bear.  We got dirty, dusty, the car was filthy and we had a fantastic time.  Here are way too many photos detailing the adventures of the past two weeks.

Enjoying an afternoon of fishing on June Lake.

LittleZabba received a very special necklace from Grandma & Grandpa to celebrate that she asked Jesus to come into her heart!

We met this little guy while fishing. He seemed harmless, but we kept our distance anyway.

BigZabba loved being able to fish with Daddy and Grandpa.

The girls were hot so they decided to try swimming in Gull Lake…it was cold.

Reading with Grandpa in the hammock was really fun for BigZabba. Playing cards with Grandma was super fun too, we just didn’t get a photo of that.

Horseback riding was the highlight of the trip for both girls. BZ went on a one hour ride with Daddy on Buttons, and LZ went for a small Walk & Lead ride on Francis.


The campground had ice cream night. It was BYOB&S, bring your own bowl and spoon. Who can resist?


The big event finally happened and we had a camera right there. BigZabba lost her first tooth. It was very exciting. I got to pull it out. She was thrilled.

Our day in Yosemite was fantastic!

We took a small hike to Mirror Lake. It was more of a puddle this time of year, but it was still nice. It was so pretty to see Half Dome right there.

Once again the girls were hot and wanted to swim. We did not carry bathing suits with us, so they swam in their skivies! BZ kept telling LZ, “just be normal and everyone will think these are our bathing suits.”

In Big Bear we took the Interpretive Trail hike. The girls liked it, but it was a hot day, so they wilted quickly.

Rock climbing is always fun, even if you are wilting.



After a long day of playing, it was so nice to come back to the cabin and enjoy some quiet reading time.

That is it in a very large nutshell. Tomorrow starts real life. What else can we squeeze into the last few moments of summer?