What’s for Dinner?

What’s for Dinner?

Lately I have been attempting to plan my meals in advance. The goal would be that I don’t panic at 5:00 when I realize I don’t know what I am going to make for dinner. So Sunday morning I take some time to plan out the weeks meals and my grocery list.

This week has been declared Pioneer Woman week. Every meal we eat this week was taken from The Pioneer Woman’s website. Assuming I can prepare the meals even close to how they are supposed to be, I am guessing that this week we will eat well and probably gain about 15 pounds. But it will be so worth it. If Monday and Tuesday are any indication it is going to be a splendid week.

The menu:
Monday: Homemade Chicken Strips
Tuesday: Chicken Scallopine
Wednesday: Slow Cook Beef Stew – while not a true Pioneer Woman recipe, it is from her site.
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Lasagna

What are you making for dinner?

4 thoughts on “What’s for Dinner?

  1. Fun!!! You must tell us how you rate each recipe. I love that site.

    I do the same thing – plan out a week at a time. Saves my sanity. =) What are we having? Tonight we’re having Chicken Milan – a really yummy recipe I found in a magazine awhile ago. Also this week: Orange Chicken w/ sweet potatoes, hamburgers, teriyaki chicken & potatoes, and Sage meat loaf (Savannah’s birthday choice – interesting!)

    I found PW’s site through yours and never miss a post. The only thing I’ve tried though are the cornbread stuffing and the choc chip cookies (really good!) =)

  2. I’m not sure about tonight, but just a few days ago we had the PW steak with onion-blue cheese sauce and of course, it was terrific.
    We grilled tri-tip steaks and then cooked her onion-blue cheese sauce as directed.
    Even if you don’t like blue cheese – PW says try it anyway.
    It was “to die for”.

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