I like to read celebrity blogs, I will admit it. Today as I was scanning the posts I came across an article about a couple who are divorcing. The wife is upset because she feels her soon to be ex-husband is cutting her off and she is “unable to buy basic necessities.” She cites:

$11,942 to cover her mortgage, $4,000 for eating out, $3,000 for clothes, $1,500 for child care, $750 for Pilates and another $750 for massages and facials, among other needs.

These are monthly amounts. $3000 per month on clothes?! Nearly $12,000 for her mortgage?! Massages and facials, among other needs?! I am so far removed from this style of living that it is difficult to even comprehend having the ability to spend that kind of money every month, let alone being at a place where you call a massage and/or facial a need. I am lucky if I get a massage once a year.

I can imagine that it would be a challenge to change your lifestyle if you have grown accustomed to those activities, but calling Pilates and facials “needs” seems a bit extreme.

2 thoughts on “Needs?

  1. That’s mind-boggling. And just really really sad. How trapped she must feel if these things are necessities in her eyes. Trapped in a really high-maintenance and exhausting lifestyle.

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