Torino, Italy

Torino, Italy

For the past several days DZ and I have been in Torino, Italy where the Winter Olympics were held in 2006. DZ is speaking at a conference here and I have the pleasure of being able to accompany him on the trip. We have had a fantastic several days. Some highlights of the trip so far have been amazing food, not surprisingly, meeting new friends, and the amazing sights. We have done a lot of walking – miles and miles of walking. The first few days were very overcast and rainy, but today the sun is shining and the sky is clear.


We visited the Museum of Cinema and it was stunning. They have quite a collection of films and memorabilia from several countries and genres of film. The most amazing site in the museum is the great room that is in the center. The have a few movie screens on the wall and chairs where you can lay down to watch the movie. There are several smaller rooms along the outside of the great room that are dedicated to different styles of movies, comedy, western, sci-fi, etc. They have done an amazing job of stylizing each room to match the theme of the genre. It was so fun to walk through each room.



In the center of the museum is an elevator you can take to the top of the tower – the Mole Antonelliana, which began construction in 1863 and took 26 years to construct. The Mole is 167 meters, or 547 feet tall. At the top of the tower you can see a beautiful view of the city and the Alps surrounding Turin.


Turin is also known for their chocolate. Their special drink is called bicerin, which is a chocolate and espresso drink served in a glass cup. Their hot chocolate is like none I have ever tasted. Imagine taking Ghirardelli chocolate, melting it, adding some whipped cream to the top and then drinking it. It is that but 100 times better. Wow is really all that can be said about it.



5 thoughts on “Torino, Italy

  1. So amazing…glad that you both are able to experience this together. It was so good to talk with you this morning. I am experiencing a resurgence of a mom’s life…..only difference is that I’m 33 yrs older than when I did this the first time!!! But I love it!

  2. SO FUN for you!!!!! I never knew a museum about cinema existed – so neat. Glad you’re getting some good weather. And some great food. =)

  3. So fun to see your photos and to hear a word from you while you’re in Italy. The chocolate looks fabulous. Happy 2nd,3rd, 10th or whatever honeymooning.
    Depending on when you see this – baby Bredow # 5 should be arriving sometime today – Tuesday, Nov. 3. Mom is being induced but # 5 isn’t in any hurry to leave his/her most comfortable surroundings.

  4. oh! I’m SO going to read this again and get some of your Italy love as a shot in the arm. I’ve been going through Italian withdrawals for a few months now. and now that we’ve got a new baby, I’m thinking it’s going to be a while before I get back.

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