The End

The End

It all seems so odd. Are they really leaving? Is this really the end of an era? Indeed it is true. This week we had our last dinner together as a California family. ShaSha and Papa will be driving out of California early Sunday morning. The last few days have been filled with sorting, packing and tossing. I will miss so many things; the spontaneous get togethers, the holiday meals, overnights, Easter shopping, sitting in the back yard chatting…so many things. But there is much to look forward to; exploring a new house with a much larger yard, cross country trips, visiting east coast places…and so much more.

Safe travels to you Papa & ShaSha. There will always be a bed here for you. Come visit often. You can even use us as a stop over on your way to the Big Island. Love you bunches!!

One thought on “The End

  1. I have always loved the entry way to the front door. It has such a warm welcoming feel. I will miss all those little feet pitter pattering up the sidewalk and pushing the doorbell. It does feel odd to be leaving my family. Shouldn’t children leave their parents??? But the memories are full and the love is greater. Can’t wait until I hear those little feet come running up the new sidewalk and hear the doorbell ringing with giggling on the other side of the door. Thanks Jill.

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