Play time

Play time

The girls always come up with the most imaginative games to play. They love to live in imaginary worlds. Most of the time they are not playing with toys they are running around being animals, or fairies or some other made up creature. Lately as they have been playing I have overheard them saying, “Are you being brother?” Or I hear arguments about who gets to be brother. I stopped the game and asked them to explain who brother was, and why they wanted to be brother. They went on to tell me that brother is the one who is crazy and doesn’t have to follow the rules. Brother gets to scribble, be rude, make mean faces, be messy, basically be mean. I have even heard them blame their mean behavior during playtime on “brother”. “It wasn’t me LittleZabba, I was just being brother.” And with that explanation all is well again. Even now as they are playing with lacing cards I can hear them talking. LittleZabba is currently “being brother”, she isn’t putting the laces in the holes in the right order.

Do you think I could use that excuse when I am having a mean moment? Oh, girls don’t worry, I was just being brother.

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