Today is my friend Susan‘s birthday. I know how much she enjoys the journal posts, so in honor of her birthday here are several ridiculous entries. Enjoy! Happy Birthday Susan!

October 25, 1987
Taped 21 Jumpstreet tonight. Johnny Depp is gorgeous.

November 9, 1987
Macgyver is majorly gorgeous.

March 28, 1988
Today Mindy said, “If Shawn were to ask you to go with him, would you say yes?” And I said, “Yes”, “But he would have to understand that when I moved we would break up. And then she said, “Are you prepared?” “For what?” I said. “For him to ask you” So she has talked to him and he said he liked me! He might ask me!!

March 29, 1988
Today Mindy said she was just kidding about Shawn!! He is sooooo cute!!

July 19, 1990
Why are guys so adorable but so stupid at the same time? Joe* is a major hunk of guy and he’s got a great personality, and he’s got a sense of humor. I admit he does rip on people, (especially me!) and he does do it a bit too much, but anyways, he knows that I like him so I just wish she would tell me what his feelings are for me! Cuz’ he knows how I feel about him, I mean it’s only obvious that I try and get him to notice me and I don’t know if he gets the hint or not.

I wish I could remember more specific things about that time of my life. I cannot imagine that boys were all I thought about, but for whatever reason it is all I decided to write about. Ridiculous.