Tonight at church as apart of the sermon our pastor asked us where our safe place was. Where is it that you can be wholly you? Where is it that you feel totally yourself? Where can be yourself without worry of criticism?

When he asked the question my first thought was, running. That really surprised me. I would have never thought that running would be my safe place. When I am running I am stripped of all pretenses. It is a raw, and sometimes emotional thing. Mile 18 can be ugly and it is hard to play games at that point. So I am totally myself there.

I also feel totally safe at home, with my family, sitting in my corner of the couch with my blanket. That is where I decompress.

Where is your safe place?

One thought on “safe

  1. Interesting question. I’m not too sure I have one. I’ll have to give that more thought.
    Hope your weekend was fun.

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