Lunch has always been the hardest meal of the day for me. I am always at a loss for what to make. One particular afternoon I had no idea what to serve the family so I started pulling things out of the fridge and arranging things on a plate. Apples, pears, snap peas, avocado, pita bread, hummus, cauliflower, turkey, cheese and anything else I could find. The family was called to the table. They asked, “What’s for lunch?” And that is how the now famous “Pick what you want lunch” was invented. Now the kids often ask to have “pick what you want lunch”.

My kids tend to be snacky eaters, meaning, they will eat lots of “snacks” but have a hard time eating a meal. This kind of meal is perfect for them. They get to pick what they want, a lot or a little of that item, so it feels a little more like a snack. Our one rule, you have to eat all of whatever you pick. I was shocked when they ate everything. All the plates were empty. They loved it. They got very creative with their little pita sandwiches, adding a little of this and that to make a new pita every time.

5 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. I loved my “Pick your own Lunch” special. It’s no pressure for the mom and so fun for everyone making the choice. Let’s see…I had hummus, pita bread, peapods, cauliflower and turkey. What a smorgasbord!

  2. I love your idea – trouble is – at my house I don’t have the vast selection of healthy foods that you do. OK – you might find apples, oranges, avacados and cheese, bread, p.b., jelly. Can you make a good lunch out of that? Do I have to force myself to actually buy food in the “green” aisle?

  3. My girls love this too – though I need to come up with more cool options like yours! They somehow became called “Snack Plates” here …. “Can we have a snack plate for dinner, Mom?” =)

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