I’m in Trouble

I’m in Trouble

Tonight we finished watching Anne of Green Gables. The girls have been very interested in the story, especially LittleZabba. She was very excited when it became clear that Gilbert “liked” Anne Shirley. She giggled every time they would talk, or when Gilbert would give Anne “that” look.

The credits rolled with Gilbert and Anne walking together. LittleZabba let out a big sigh, and said,

That’s the end!? Dang. I wanted to see them kiss.

5 thoughts on “I’m in Trouble

  1. Ha..ha…ha….What a doll….she is very relational, and has beautiful innocence but she might be just a bit early with the kiss part!!!! Do you remember when we had a marathon day of Anne of Green Gables and we were in our PJ’s all day watching the whole series??? How fun that was!!

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