I am so thankful that BZ has found a close friend, a bosom friend, a kindred spirit. (yes i have been watching Anne of Green Gables lately). BZ and her friend have been buddies since they were about 2 years old. They are attached at the hip. They love each other fiercely, meaning they fight like sisters and defend each other with a vengeance.

While looking through BZ’s writing portfolio I came across this. (It has been edited for typos, and so you can read it a bit easier.)

Friends are important to me. My best friend is E. She is my best friend because she does not ignore me. One other reason she is my best friend is because she does not tease me or make fun of me. The last reason is she is very nice. I never let go of her hand when E falls. E never lets go of my hand when I fall. E makes sure that we are doing the game together. E is just a nice, caring, loving and sharing young girl. With E’s love and care I feel that she completely thinks I’m special and she just loves me more every second. It makes me so happy to feel that she really loves me.


E is a true friend to BigZabba. We are so thankful for her. We hope and pray that they stay BFF’s forever.

3 thoughts on “BFF

  1. Totally a mess right now! What a special gift these girls have been given in each other. I pray that it never ends. I would love a copy of BZ’s essay… that is something to treasure. Oh those pictures, my heart is full.

  2. What a special relationship. So cute in their early young lives and now the writing narrative of BZ that is articulated like a high school student. Wow! What a granddaughter. She has good genes ( ;

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