This morning the girls and I attended a German church with a new friend, an American woman we met here in Berlin, and her parents. The church meets in a movie theater, the Kino Babylon. DZ was unable to attend as he had to be at the conference to do his presentation. The girls were very excited to go to church to hear the German music, and they have become quite attached to our new friend.

The church service was like any other, singing, announcements, preaching, & socializing. However there was one moment where I felt completely overwhelmed and in awe of the body of Christ. We were singing Hallelujah, by Hillsong.

The congregation was singing,
Engel rings um deinen Thron rufen: “Heilig.”
Dem, der kommt, dem Gottessohn, singen wir: “Halleluja”

As they were singing in German I was singing:
And the angels round Your throne cry out holy
To the One who is to come hear us sing, Hallelujah

Then as I started to sing the next part I realized all of us were singing the same words, our English and German were coming together to praise God.
(English) Hallelujah Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah
(German) Halleluja, Halleluja, Halleluja, Halleluja

It was such a simple thing but it made me get quite emotional. I know that God can understand all our languages, but in that moment I saw all of us singing at the throne together.

It was a wonderful morning.