Under 2

Under 2

Back in May I posted that I had a goal of completing a half marathon in under 2 hours. This last weekend I did it!

I ran with two of of my gal pals. They were so encouraging through the whole process of training and up to race day. We had so much fun. We started out strong and ran well. My confidence started to crumble at mile 11. I was tired and there were more hills than I was prepared for. I saw the 2 hour mark coming fast and I knew I had to dig deep or quit. At that point I decided that I didn’t work this hard to come in at 2:01. With every last ounce of strength I had left I ran for the finish line. We crossed together at 1:58:53.

I love my “fast girls”! I will never forget how we rock and rolled through Los Angeles! Thank you for helping me achieve my goal.

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