Dear Family,

I’m thankful for people and more. My mom because she helps me with everything that I need. My dad works with me on projects that involve wood and some other things. LittleZabba is a fun and silly little sister with lots of imagination. ShaSha makes me laugh by tickling me. My cousin is very friendly and silly. Grandma is a good reader who reads with a lot of expression! Miley always cheers me up when I am down. My other cousin is really silly and fun. Papa is very cuddly and is very sweet.

I’m very thankful for other things too. My very nice teacher and my nice school that I go to. I’m also thankful for my friends. My pet Miley who is very nice. Also my toys are fun to play with. My house is special to me. The clothes I have are nice! I love my books a lot. Paper helps with all my art projects. Art stuff helps with fun art projects. T.V. is nice every once in a while. My bed is soft, I love it so much. That is what I am thankful for.


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