This morning I was supposed to meet some friends to run. Unfortunately it didn’t work out for them to join me. This normally means that I would go back to bed, but I figured since I was up I might as well still go. This is huge for me, since I rarely run alone. I started up the music and went on my way. It was a great run. I am so glad I went. I pushed myself and went further, faster than planned.

5.05 miles
8:36 pace
average speed 7.0 mph

Had I known how well I was doing I would have gone another mile. I would have easily gotten a PR for a 10k. I will have to try it again another time. It was a great way to start the day.

One thought on “Workout

  1. So, I kinda feel like a celebrity is reading my blog (that’s you). I know your blankets from babysteals, and they always sell out soooo fast! They’re beautiful, at least from pictures – which means they’re more beautiful in person! And you’re a running mommy too – so cool. Just curious – have you ever experimented with adding clips to the corners so the blanket could stay in a jogging stroller/carseat/anything? Maybe it’s a bad idea and defeats the purpose of your beautiful softness… but I was curious!

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