It took a while, but I realized that Target fooled me. A while ago I bought a pair of shoes that I thought were Converse. I was surprised that I didn’t like them. They felt really heavy and I didn’t like how they felt. So, they have been sitting in my closet. I should have returned them, but by the time I realized that I didn’t like them it was too late. Fast forward many months. I walked past a shoe store and saw Converse in the window. The back of the shoe says “all star”. My Target shoes say “one star”. Ah-ha! They aren’t Converse shoes at all. They are Targetfakeverse. I got the real Converse shoes and I love them. That is much better.

I run much faster when I run alone. I think that is because I don’t have to use my energy to run, breathe, and talk. When I am alone I can focus on breathing and running and nothing else. Also I run with music when I am alone and that makes me go faster. I unintentionally end up running to the beat of the music.

The other day I was cleaning windows. Why can’t the screen makers make screens that are easy to take in and out of the window? My windows may be clean, but the screens aren’t as straight as they once were.

I started doing some spring cleaning. I washed a few windows (as mentioned earlier), & washed all the drapes. What other “spring cleaning” should I do?

I have been reading through the Bible with my neighbor. It has been so fun just sitting down and reading straight through and talking about the things we find interesting. My neighbor mentioned something I hadn’t ever thought about. Adam lived 930 years. Think about the people that he could have known. Adam could have known Noah. (**i was wrong. adam could not have know noah. it was noah who could have known abraham.) I never thought about the people in the old testament whose lives overlapped. Also, during all of Adam’s 930 years I am sure that people told stories about his time walking with God in the Garden of Eden. Wouldn’t it have been amazing to be able to go straight to Adam if you had a question about God?! It would have been so fascinating to be able to hear from Adam what it was like to live in perfect harmony with God. Here is a very interesting timeline that shows various people in the old testament and how their lives overlapped.

I’d love to hear some of your random thoughts about my random thoughts.