The Magic Flute

One of the many things I love about our local elementary school is the many “extras” that are offered. There are many opportunities to participate in music, art, technology and many field trips. This week I had the pleasure of watching my girl participate in an opera, The Magic Flute. The San Francisco Opera Guild came to her school and worked with the kids. They held auditions, made scenery and rehearsed. It was a great experience. LZ (LittleZabba, my youngest daughter) played the part of The Second Lady. She was so excited to get to participate in a play with professional actors and actresses.

I have always thought that she would be a natural as an actress, and I think I was right. While she was a little nervous to perform in front of the school, she didn’t let her nerves get to her and she played the part of her character perfectly. I am pretty sure I was the one clapping the loudest when it came time for the cast bow.

As we were leaving school she said,

I’m sad it’s over.